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Trading as Peckham After School Club, Homework Club and Holiday Club.

We are an approved Ofsted registered in England.

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Why US

We can say with confidence today that Profad is the only centre that has embedded all the three methods of learning.

The Chinese proverb says, tell me that I may not forget, show that I may remember and involve me that it become part of me.

This is why profad Teach, show through computers `and smarts board and involve them through direct involving in what they are doing and in some occasion role play

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The Problem

We understands the complexities of bringing up children and the rigorous of combining this with parental care of day to day activities

We aware the myriads` of questions in the mind of parents, particularly the working parents in the areas of picking and dropping their children and assisting them with their home work

These challenges has taken away smiles and joy from parents and children and in some occasions, it has turned hard worker parents to benefit seeker, while trying to cope with the challenges, and caring for children.

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The Solution

Peckham after School club understands these predicaments that has permeated the life of parents and we are determined to bring smiles back to the family once again.

Our Strategies

The Designed Strategies

In doing this, where possible we will pick your children from school, keep them for a period not exceeding 90-110 minutes in our premises, help them with their homework and you will collect them from the centre on your way back from work.

We will not keep your children idle, we will engage them on their school activities, home work and other activities that will keep your child on top of their academics carrier especially in Mathematics, English and Science.

We provide a tailored programmes that meet the requirement of your child after we must have access his or her current level.

Communicate with people

We are dynamic and we communicate regularly with all our stake holders.

Apart from the initial communication with parents, we regularly communicate with students and hold quarterly parent, students and tutor evenings where students' achievement are communicate to their parents and future plans are laid down and seek approval from the parents.

We also plan to have Profad newsletter which will be quarter newsletter that will keep the parents inform of not only the school developments, but also any information that will be useful to the parents and the students.

Our popular courses

Our popular courses are Mathematics, English and Science for Key stages 1, 2,3 and 4


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Learning online

We have online resources where our Tutors and students have 24 hours access to, there they can do their assignments, download it and teacher access them mark them and give them feedback.

Student rewards system are also set online in which both the Tutors` and the students have access to.

We also have online facilities that can tracks the students' progress and performance.

Fully Response

We are highly proactive and responsive to all issues, and will treats all issues with despatch.

We response to all issues that will affect our students and guide the students �and parents to place of safety.

Multimedia Units

Our literacy and communication section will involve using a fully compliant multimedia equipment.

These will helps our students with best way to pronounce certain words, thereby building words of their vocabularies.

We will also use our interactive board to teach during the Science class and this will help so much in identifying the parts and will enable them to remember the images they have seen

Talk to our experts

We are keen in providing the best and hence, we do not employ a mediocre.

All our teams are experts and will not go below excellent.

Talk to us at any time we guarantee you our expert advice at all time.

Talk to us on any issue we are ready to help.

Download all courses

Our courses are KS1-KS4 and these �materials `are available to our students in the student porta of their online resources 24/7.

Information Technology

Our student are tailored to the challenges of 21st century in areas of technology.

They are taught how to access the modern computer facilities and can play themselves round the computer no matter how complex it is